One city, two friends and the mission is vital: framing a new normal – an accessible and sustainable option for sunglasses and opticals.

ARNO Eyewear was born a few years ago from a common need to develop a sustainable fashion project.
Maria and Virginia have always been friends as well as neighbors.
Over the years they have shared experiences and were inspired by the city in which they lived most of their lives: Florence. With the tireless flow of the Arno River, the colorful landscape, the dusty pink skies and the light of the sun at sunset, the corners of the city have never stopped energizing people around the world.

ARNO Eyewear has a weakness for retro style and reworks it in the present with clean and decisive lines
ARNO frames take inspiration from nature but also from dated technological objects which, through continuous research into detail and harmony of lines, are reworked into a cutting-edge form.
Both founders are aware of the historical period in which they are living and have put respect for the environment at the center of their project. From the choice of materials: an acetate entirely of plant origin and biodegradable to stainless and medical steel, completely nickel-free, coming from recycled sources.

Arno’s sustainability also lies in small production, to avoid waste and in the constant search to support MADE IN ITALY with the knowledge of local producers, artisans and artists, the brand collaborates and is available for collaborations with other small businesses and projects. Long story short: ARNO Eyewear is constantly moving and does not go with the flow.

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