One city, two friends and the mission is vital: framing a new normal – an accessible and sustainable option for sunglasses and opticals.

ARNO Eyewear was born out of a common necessity and a shared obsession, bringing together environmental awareness and eyewear. For the co-founders, Maria and Virginia two Florentine women with a background in fashion and communication, ARNO Eyewear is an ode to their hometown and a life worth living. Growing up in Florence, one can’t help but feel the urge to reflect, rethink, redo, recreate and revolutionize. For centuries the greatest artists, architects, photographers, filmmakers, fashion pioneers, modernists and avant-gardists have been fascinated by its beauty. The flow of the river, the rolling landscape, the dusty pink skies and golden hour sunlight: it’s the surroundings that keep energizing people from all around the world, including the ARNO Eyewear co-founders.

A touch of Italian nostalgia paired with an international mindset: ARNO Eyewear has a thing for vintage icons and retro style. It is bubbling over with ideas, forming connections between cultures and quintessentially, ARNO’s vision is clear – a dedication to the planet and people. Sustainability is paramount and at the core of the brand. All frames are made from bio-based and biodegradable materials. They are responsibly handcrafted in Italy. With a small collection and limited quantities, ARNO Eyewear tries to avoid overproduction, deadstock and waste. Here at ARNO Eyewear, it’s strongly believed that circular practices and a conscious lifestyle build the base for the dolce vita of the future.

All of these elements and values are crucial and flow into each and every ARNO Eyewear division and beyond. The ARNO Eyewear team is tiny but mighty and feels like a family. Striving to support the locals, ARNO Eyewear collaborates with fellow small businesses, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Long story short: ARNO Eyewear never stands still and doesn’t follow the stream. Meet the go-to glasses for a new generation of avant-gardists!

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