ARNO EYEWEAR: a clear vision

“There’s no planet B” – a catchphrase that’s easier said than done. But: Now is the time for a new perspective and more so, it’s necessary to act.

ARNO Eyewear aims to impact the planet and people by being an accessible and sustainable option for sunglasses and optical. Encouraging sustainable thinking, circular practices and a conscious lifestyle, ARNO Eyewear makes efforts to create and produce in the most responsible way possible. Respecting the environment and constantly optimizing the work and production processes is key. At ARNO Eyewear, it’s believed that small, everyday decisions make a difference. You don’t have to change your life completely, but let’s start with shopping with a clean conscience. This is how ARNO Eyewear flows…


Sustainable materials

Arno Eyewear seeks to extend the life cycle of materials, recycling and upcycling products that exist already. All ARNO Eyewear frames are made of:

-Nickel-free and hypoallergenic stainless steel, slim design, lightweight yet strong and durable.

-eco-sustainable acetate, also called bioplastic. What does that mean? The raw material is produced in Italy by our supplier and Europe’s industry leader Mazzucchelli. Their innovative M49 material is mostly composed of renewable sources; a mix of cellulose acetate (a natural polymer obtained from wood pulp) and a plasticizer of veggie origin that provides and improves the material’s commonly known characteristics. As a result, the material is both bio-based and biodegradable.

However, all ARNO Eyewear specs cases are made from eco-leather, padded with recycled polyester and finished with an organic cotton strap.

Contemporary frames, sustainable mindset

When talking about sustainability, location becomes a key aspect. ARNO Eyewear values Italian craftsmanship and follows a 0KM approach when it comes to production. All frames are 100% made in Italy. While they are designed in the heart of Florence, they’re handcrafted by a family-owned manufacturer in Cadore.

ARNO Eyewear aims to avoid overproduction, stock, and waste by creating only a small collection and producing in limited quantities.


ARNO Eyewear takes sustainability seriously. The devil is in the details! All orders are individually packed and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes.

Virtual Try On

An e-fitting room! The digital age obviously requires the possibility to try on the glasses you’re eyeing at virtually. But it’s more than just that: this fancy gadget shall eliminate second thoughts and, consequently, help reduce returns and shipping emissions.


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